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Mai and Ivan Montille are proud parents of two hyper bouncing children. Where both of them has the same interest on Cakes, Desserts, Bread and more.

Ever since she was a kid, Mai is fond of making cakes and pastries and while Ivan has a background in baking since his family had a bakery business way back. With all the materials needed,  Mai did what nobody thought that would turn out to be her “passion”.

It started out as baking and selling brownies in their office then it made a hit to where she decided to bake her own goodies and explore the world of baking. Through self-taught and attending baking demos, Mai got enhanced and exceptional skills on making personalized cakes, cupcakes, pastries and made a lot of happy people.

Ivan then decided to go full time with it and now both of them are focused on making their products to be known on the food industry.

Heavenly Goodies has been around since 2012.

“Our goal is to add sweetness in people’s lives with delicious goodies that’s worth every penny.”

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