Wedding is one of the most exciting events you will experience in your lifetime. It is a showcase of the love for a man and a woman for each other. It is an end and a beginning, an end to singlehood and a beginning of a life together.


Preparing for this one-day event is not easy, though. It can be a lengthy and timely process that needs a lot of preparation in order that the event is harmonious, successful, and stress-free especially to the bride and groom.

My college friend, Sabina, contacted me one day, saying she is getting married and wants me to set up a dessert buffet for her and make her wedding cake. I was ecstatic because this would be the first time that my client would be someone I know already. So the preparation and planning begins.


She had no specific theme in mind, only the motif that is lime green and silver, pretty much a good and unique combination. Ever since we were in college, she likes the color green.

Being in this business, it requires creativity and uniqueness. There are a lot of event planners, stylists, and cake bakers and decorators already in Cebu, which did not bother me because it is good to have competitions, this makes someone work hard more, to be better in every event. I am not a born artist so I had to work hard to be creative and deliver what the client wants.


Fortunately for me, I have my husband with me who is very supportive and is also my partner in every setup that we do.

On the day of the wedding, setting up this beautiful dessert buffet is not a walk in the park though. The venue is in Alta Vista so we had to make sure we bring everything we need because as of right now, we only have Shadow, our APV Suzuki Ertiga that we can use for the transportation of the decorations and foods.

Ideally, it is best to start setting up 2-3 hours before the event so that we can provide a better setup. The only problem we have is for our cold desserts because it can melt if we set up way ahead of time. Of course, guests will not eat right away when the event starts. They usually consume the desserts during dinner or lunch time which can be 1-2 hours after the event starts, unless the desserts are for pica-pica.

We served the following yummy desserts: Tiramisu Shots, Blueberry Cheesecake Bars, Black Sambo, Cake Pops, and our Classic Brownie Bites.

The desserts were consumed before the event ended. The guests were happy and full. Of course, the family and friends were very delighted as the couple, Sabina and Mike, closed the event with an affectionate and ardent kiss.